The Sunset of My Life

…and like the sun that sets, I will rise again.

I can still remember most of it. At around 10 a.m., I complained of a really bad headache. I couldn’t sleep. Working a night shift has its drawbacks. The constant headache being one of them, or so I thought. It didn’t help either that we were doing renovations – the constant hammering, the drilling – I had to find someplace else for rest. 

I decided to call my boss (and friend) to alert him on my plans to crash in his place. Of course he said yes. Thankfully. I rushed on over and finally got some peace and quiet. But the headache didn’t go away. If anything, it had gotten worse. My vision started getting weird. I guess it was around 5 p.m. – I can’t still quite describe what happened. Aphasia does things to you. But it felt like I was blacking out every so often.

The last thing I remember from that late afternoon was insisting on calling Eruf. “Call Eruf now.” “No, just Eruf.” “Please call Eruf now.” And just like that I faded like the sunset disappearing into the horizon.


The words of my story are written by my sister, Kristine.